The Negroni of Your Dreams

In case you're wondering what a negroni is, it's on every bartender's list of favorite drinks and is a unique blend of alcohol and herbal aromatics. This brilliant combination leaves an exquisite, perfectly balanced bitter-sweet flavor that will thrill your taste buds. First, there's the gin with its earthy dry quality for the alcohol, the Campari for sugar with a twinge of bitter orange, and lastly, the vermouth for more sweetness, balance, and the trademark herbal flourish. Negroni is no doubt a drink with class.

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Unlike drinks such as the margarita, Negroni has one famous account of origin, which can be traced back to a vibrant man named Count Camillo Negroni in Florence in 1919. It said that Count Camillo Negroni ordered a Americano, a combination of Campari, Italian vermouth and soda but requested for gin to be mixed in place of soda.

The subject of the origin of Negroni has been a cause for fierce debate over time between Italian historians and the Negroni family, shedding some obscurity to this tale. However, without a doubt, the famous Negroni drink can be traced to Count Camillo, who traveled in his youth, gambling and living the cowboy life.

In 1967, a bar in Milan named Bar Basso invented today's sister to negroni: Negroni Sbaglito, which means mistaken negroni. The story is that a busy bartender received an order for a classic negroni who fixed the customer's drink with Prosecco instead of gin. Guess what? The customer loved it.

How to make a Negroni

  • 3cl Gin
  • 3cl Campari
  • 3cl Italian red vermouth
  • Orange slice

Making a Negroni is super easy. Put all the ingredients in an ice-filled glass, stir and garnish with a orange slice. Follow that classic recipe and it could never go wrong. You can go light or heavy on the Campari or the gin if you like, but for us the original recipe with equal part is still the best one! 

Negroni is great for every occasion!


After Count Camillo´s first order in 1919, dozens of bartenders have come up with their own Negroni variation, here is a few you can find out there:

  • White Negroni: gin, Lillet, Suze
  • Negroni sbagliato: replace gin with Prosecco
  • Boulevardier: replace gin with bourbon whiskey
  • Mezcal Negroni: replace gin with mezcal
  • Old Pal: Rye whiskey, Campari, dry vermouth

Feeling for a twist? 

The best way to make a twisted Negroni is to experiment with the vermouth or gin.
You'll also find that London Dry gin, along with many other great gins, are fun to experiment with, but you can go so much further for exampel, you can switch the gin for bourbon or mezcal, what do YOU prefer? 
Once you get a feel for what you like best, you'll make sure to impress your friends with your delicious, twisted Negroni!